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A New Low in Scamming

    Scams and Lies    December 16, 2017


This one really does take the biscuit, and we have Google Image Search to thank for this gross attempt at a deception.

The following photograph was submitted, along with many others, for an agency – ‘Temptations Playmates’ – in Birmingham:


…which is fine. The other photos in the spread showed ‘Samira’ looking more like The Joker from Batman, but that’s not where our problem lies.

Going over to Google Image Search, this image got thrown up:


…from the website http://www.stevewilliamskitchens.co.uk/28-original-bedroom-design-ideas/

…we’ve left a live link for comparison purposes.

Does it look familiar?

Looks like the Temptations Playmates photoshopper just grabbed the image and superimposed a girl (and lets face it, it could just be ANY girl) into the foreground.

Use Temptations Playmates at your own risk – god knows what they’re going to be sending out to you!


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Nolda Scammers

    Scams and Lies    October 14, 2017

Megan Fox Wallpaper

We’ve got a load more scammers to report on, this time from Nolda in India.

Our first example is this listing that was submitted from a Mr Komal Rani, supposedly from escortsnolda.org who sent us this photo of model Megan Fox to try and scam you, from amongst others https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2265410&page=693

Megan Fox Wallpaper

Wallpaper photo of Megan Fox

Next up from the same contributor is a photo of a professional model and part-time boxing ring round announcer working for BAMMA, Georgia Graham – whose full interview can be found at http://www.cagepotato.com/hot-potato-exclusive-interview-with-bamma-girl-georgia-graham/

Georgia Graham

Georgia Graham, working at BAMMA Promotions

Finally, we have this photo of nude model Victoria Moore, pointed out to us from this article on http://www.break.com/article/victoria-moore-nude-the-model-the-legend-2957515

Victoria Moore

Victoria Moore, famous nude model

We’ve had plenty more scamming attempts from India this week, and obviously if you phoned them up, you would not be getting the exact girl, if in fact you would get a girl at all.

All three of the above listings were linked to different pages of this scammer’s website, so we can assume that it’s a pathetic attempt to get a couple of backlinks.

Well instead, the advertiser can be happy to be featured in our Scams and Lies section and consider himself banned from all future attempts at getting a listing


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Male Escorts Scammers in India

    Scams and Lies    September 19, 2017

Following our clampdown on scamming escort agencies in India, it looks like they’ve now moved on to trying to use male actors to get advertisements online with Secret Classifieds.

The following (amongst many others we received this week) is a photograph supposedly of a male escort…

Vishal Dhavan

Photo of Vishal Dhavan

…and here it is again, but this time un-blurred and fully watermarked from the website ‘Bollywood Hunts’ http://www.bollywoodhunts.com/profiledetails.aspx?uid=46897&cid=43

Vishal Dhavan

Real photo of Vishal Dhavan

Just goes to show that no-one is safe from these scammers, who are no doubt posting these photos up on the likes of Craigslist, Backpage and Viva Street. Problem they find when trying to post an ad on Secret Classifieds though, is that we check all adverts manually, making sure that all scam ads are removed – or alternately posted in the ‘Scams and Lies’ section with full proof.

Ah well Mister ad poster – enjoy being banned!



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Miss Neha Sharma, ex Miss Himachal

    Scams and Lies    September 16, 2017

Ok so now we’re onto single profiles as well as agencies from our good friends over in India.

Komal Kapoor, a model from India, has just applied for a free listing with the following photograph which has just been submitted to Secret Classifieds…

Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma Secret Classifieds Advert

…which is all well and good, until you use Google Image search and find that ‘Komal Kapoor’ is in reality an ex Miss Himachal called Neha Sharma, as seen from the following photograph…

Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma Full Photograph

…which is listed amongst many more photos of Neha on http://www.pbase.com/praveenbhat/neha3

God knows what you’d get if you actually booked this girl, and we don’t even want to know.

When will these scammers finally realise that Secret Classifieds is run by humans that cross-reference ads?


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Another Load of Scams from India

    Scams and Lies    September 15, 2017

We have yet another load of Indian scammers for you, submitted this time from ‘sammycammy’, ‘Alicia Roy’ and ‘devayani’.

The most outrageous of these scam attempts is another pc screen wallpaper of Miss Seethai Sidge, who apart from having her photograph blasted on some Indian version of ‘Backpage’ which the actual ad tried to link to…

seethai sidge

Photo of Seethai Sidge on Backpage

…she also has many of her images posted as wallpapers on the blog https://bzuforum.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/madhurima-hot-hd-wallpaper.html

seethai sidge

Seethai Sidge on a legitimate blog

Obviously none of the above account holders will ever have any ads published, but we thought you’d like a laugh at some of their banal attempts at scamming you!


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Our First Trans Scammer

    Scams and Lies    August 31, 2017

Just the other day, we received an email from ‘Anja’ stating that we should publish her advert due to someone else on the website being her ‘sister’.

We’ll let you decide then – here’s a few photos submitted by ‘Anja’ for her own advert:

Bubbles 3  Bubbles 1

…and these are a few photos running in another advert, by her ‘sister’ who goes under the name of Starr:

Starr1Starr2 Starr3

To our minds, this is one and the same person – vindicated beyond any shadow of a doubt by the middle photo, which is the exact same image minus the vignette of the first one.

We did tell Anja to re-submit and we’d review the advert, but she/he has just proved us right all along.

Oh and ‘Anja’ – if you must have a hissy fit about us mistaking you for your sister, at least get your photos in order!

Anja and Starr are now banned from having adverts on Secret Classifieds.

Welcome Anja/Starr to our Scams and Lies gallery of shame!


Well it looks like ‘Anja’ is pulling down any offending photos of her and her ‘sister’ but the verdict remains. And the verdict is that Secret Classifieds will not be taken for twats when it comes to fleecing out these scammers.


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Scamming in America

    Scams and Lies    August 30, 2017

Just goes to show that Americans need to prove they’re just as good at scamming as anywhere else. But that still doesn’t get past Google Image Search or the eagle eyed team at Secret Classifieds.

The following model’s listing was submitted from AAAEscorts in New York:


…who just happens to have a full page spread elsewhere on the interwebs as Alicia Flores (minus the AAA escorts watermark), as seen both here:

Alicia Flores

Alicia Flores

…and at the blog spread about her on http://tererezone.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/alicia-flores.html?zx=e4a75e09671ad61b

Tough titty, America!


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Sridevi Vijaykumar Wallpaper

    Scams and Lies    August 27, 2017

Looks like there’s a run of phone wallpaper shots doing the rounds in India.

Here’s the latest model posted into our ads database, this time from cityoflover (.com):


…and here’s the photo posted in Zedge Wallpapers:

Scam Photo

Wallpaper of Sridevi Vijaykumar

Looks familiar, yes?

Yet another Indian scam operation.

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Chinese Wallpaper For Sale

    Scams and Lies    August 26, 2017

We recently received the following photograph in a submiitted ad:

chinese wallpaper

…claiming that  “Hi, my name is Nana, I am a young lovely 22 years old korea school beauty with soft long hair and sparkling big eyes.” with the phone number – 07494627862.

However on further investigation, we found this page at http://www.bloggang.com/viewblog.php?id=cartoonthai&date=29-03-2014&group=233&gblog=564 (amongst other pages) which tended to disprove the above statement somewhat, and it appears that the above model poses for raunchy wallpapers, vis a vis:


The person supplying the above photos is a regular advertiser, but will now find themselves BANNED until they can come up with a better story.


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Subhui Joshi Fake Photos

    Scams and Lies    August 17, 2017

Well not exactly fake – but used we presume without the owners permission.

Therefore, it’s a SCAM.

One of our latest Indian ‘escort agency’ scammers has published this photo on their website at anshikaapte (.com)


…while looking on a Mobile9 mobile screensavers gallery is the following image:


…which looks remarkably like Miss Joshi from the post title.

This was found first go, first tested image, so there are probably many more scammy faked images on their website.

Would you trust this scammers website to send you a girl over?

Nope – neither would we!


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They’re At It Again…

    Scams and Lies    August 8, 2017

Scam 1

No sooner than we post about dodgy Asian Escorts in London, along comes another go at trying to get onto Secret Classifieds.

This one goes under the imaginitively named Asian-Escort-Agency-London and contains photos thrown up in Google Image search of amongst other things, a professional Chinese model and a Japanese TV anchor woman.

All we can say is ‘watch out for fake Japs’ when using these types of agency, as you most certainly will NOT be getting the girl you picked out!

AEA 120x160


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Various London ‘Asian Escort Agencies’

    Scams and Lies    August 7, 2017

scam 2

We’ve been inundated with fake websites just recently from ‘Escort Agencies’ such as Asian Escorts London, Hot Japanese Escorts, and others suggesting that asian escorts aplenty are available.

According to Google Image Search however, the photos appearing on these websites are of Japanese girls on Pinterest, advertising boots or other types of clothing.

It was only going to take so long before these websites came to our attention, so here are a few warning photos to help steer you away from these scammers.

OR 120x160

ADL 468x60

HJ 468x60

LNE 120x160

SOEL 120x160


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Indian Actress Aksha Pardasany

    Scams and Lies    August 2, 2017

scam 3

Here’s our latest update on Scams and Lies.

Indian Actress Aksha Pardasany is the latest unassuming model to fall foul of this practice, and the advert posted by Sakira Wahli for the website sarikaindependentescorts (.com) we hope will now get full recognition for the scam that it is.



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Prime Escorts Dubai

    Scams and Lies    July 30, 2017

Our latest addition to the ‘Scams and Lies’ section is one from ‘prime escorts in Dubai’ who don’t appear to have a website but just expect you to contact them via WhatsApp.

Problem with that is, that Google Image Search works just as well on images from Secret Classifieds and is instrumental on picking out fakes to unsuspecting users.

Their latest ‘advert’ for a ‘body and feet worship session with Miss Nita’ is none other than NITA KUZMINA, a russian model and reality TV star, whose photos have been stolen from Pinterest.

Prime Escorts Dubai are now banned from putting any further listings on Secret Classifieds.




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Scams and Lies One

    Scams and Lies    July 25, 2017

We knew it wouldn’t take too long before we had a chance to publish our first ‘Scams and Lies’ post, so here we go.

Our first Fake website comes from India and was listed under the name of ‘VIPServiceinBangalore (.com)

They proudly state on their website that –

‘These are google downloaded pictures which presented below, to see the real babes please whats app me on +91 910 855 8106 the pics which I’ll share you on whatsapp you will get the same girl and same services and for the complete duration as we discuss.’

– so in other words – ‘we only have train wrecks of girls in burkhas but if you Whatsapp us, we’ll send you yet another fake photo’.

We’ll allow VIPServices in Bangalore (.com) one more chance to set up a proper website with REAL girls before we ban them.

The next scam website is SafeWalkBangalore (.com) that is entirely furnished with clothing magazine photos –


Safe Walk Bangalore

These should also be avoided and are now banned from posting on Secret Classifieds.

Another one to avoid is BrigadeSpaGoa (.com) who were banned within five minutes of us checking out their website for posting TV anchor women (Swaithi Nadu) and reality stars as escorts.

Swaithi Nadu

Finally, another website called aditiescort (.com) has had their listings removed until they can prove to us that the girls on their website do indeed exist, as they have only posted a photo of Riya Sen Dev Varma (an Indian Model) in their listing – which of course is TECHNICALLY allowed for logo purposes.

We hope that you don’t have the misfortune to use the two outright banned agencies above on your travels, and feel free to comment on the other two agencies mentioned.


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    Uncategorized    April 20, 2017

You might have noticed that Secret Classifieds has gone through a radical change in the past few days, the biggest change being the new Google Maps integration software on every ad listing page.

This has been an absolute nightmare to install with us having to place a carefully aimed boot in the bollox many times before everything worked properly again!

Anyway – we have it set up so that you, the client, needs to do nothing at all – the Google Maps integrator will read through your listing, pick up on any address that you enter, and publish it live on the website.

Pretty good, eh?

We will say that this tends to get pretty precise, so you may want to think twice about publishing exact addresses in your listing.

We will do our usual thing in marking any advert for independent escorts/massage workers with exact addresses as ‘Available by request’ which will show the nearest city/town rather than the exact address, but if you specifically wanted this shown, just let us know.

The problem pointed out to us last night, whereby ads showing up in your dashboard could not be relisted, has now been solved – BUT if you’re relisting, you MUST take note of the original categories and locations that you chose, or the new software will presume that you wanted to place a new advert.

We hope that you enjoy the new Secret Classifieds, and we would like to thank everyone concerned for putting up with any mishaps in the last few days.


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Your Listing on Secret Classifieds

    Uncategorized    March 15, 2017

We noticed that you have not logged into your account at Secret Classifieds for nearly six months.

Our new policy on user spam and hawking means that your account will be closed at the end of the month.

Not a spammer or hawker? No problem – just login to keep your account alive!

Please note that any accounts containing ads listings will lose those listings on an account closure, so to keep those listings alive, join us at Secret Classifieds today!


The Secret Classifieds Team.

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Secret Classifieds: A Truly Genuine Free Classified Ads Service

    Secret Classifieds    February 2, 2014

You have found Secret Classifieds: the UK’s first genuine free classified ads service for adult themed business! Continue reading …

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