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Our First Trans Scammer

    Scams and Lies    August 31, 2017

Just the other day, we received an email from ‘Anja’ stating that we should publish her advert due to someone else on the website being her ‘sister’.

We’ll let you decide then – here’s a few photos submitted by ‘Anja’ for her own advert:

Bubbles 3  Bubbles 1

…and these are a few photos running in another advert, by her ‘sister’ who goes under the name of Starr:

Starr1Starr2 Starr3

To our minds, this is one and the same person – vindicated beyond any shadow of a doubt by the middle photo, which is the exact same image minus the vignette of the first one.

We did tell Anja to re-submit and we’d review the advert, but she/he has just proved us right all along.

Oh and ‘Anja’ – if you must have a hissy fit about us mistaking you for your sister, at least get your photos in order!

Anja and Starr are now banned from having adverts on Secret Classifieds.

Welcome Anja/Starr to our Scams and Lies gallery of shame!


Well it looks like ‘Anja’ is pulling down any offending photos of her and her ‘sister’ but the verdict remains. And the verdict is that Secret Classifieds will not be taken for twats when it comes to fleecing out these scammers.


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